observations and thoughts on the wonder of children as they explore their world

Messy and Creative Kids

A recent article in the Wall Street Journal caught my eye and captured my heart.  Did you read Knead Slime? These Business Girls Can Fix You Up? Note: If you should choose to make your own slime, be sure to research the risks of borax, a common … [Continue reading]

Hamilton in High School

My family is growing weary of hearing me quote Hamilton, but like yoga, I see the parallels throughout daily life.  Plus, I like the catchy show tunes and rap verses. Recently, I found myself trying to talk less, smile more all in the spirit of … [Continue reading]

What Makes You Feel Gratitude? (Happy Birthday to Me!)

While it's been a week of high emotion for many of us on the national front, I've had several opportunities to celebrate over the past week.  Another trip around the sun means gratitude for me. I wrote about that last week in Gratitude. But I've … [Continue reading]


Much has been written and said about gratitude, especially as we move into a new year. Most of us would not outward admit to any downsides to this practice and some of us stumble when it comes to making time to consider what and whom we are grateful … [Continue reading]

Hopes & Dreams Revised: Learning to Feel

In graduate school, I observed highly skilled and passionate teachers and wondered how they worked their magic. Later, I’d see similar magic as a young teacher at the Harley School.  I soon learned part of the magic was Responsive Classroom. Being … [Continue reading]