Your time is a precious commodity. It’s easy to spend too much time on the web, mindlessly surfing and reading. As a working parent, I value  your time and attention.

This blog is for you if:

  • are a parent or teacher who takes comfort and cheer in knowing you’re not alone on this journey
  • are an early childhood or early elementary teacher who likes to connect with peers
  • are interested in learning more about a specific aspect of child development
  • are curious to know more about your child in the context of chronological peers and/or school
  • looking for resources to be a more effective parent, both free and to purchase
  • would like to have Lisa write an article for your publication or website
  • are interested in having Lisa speak at your group’s meeting, conference, or workshop

Parenting – especially “good” parenting that brings joy, comfort, and growth for both adults and children – is accomplished with effort, support, access to research and strategies, and a bit good karma. And boy, do I know that teaching is truly one of the most simultaneously rewarding and exhausting professions on the planet!    Each day with children is a gift to be celebrated, and most of them provide entertaining and/or illuminating stories to share, something to think about, and effort to be rewarded.

It doesn’t have to be overwhelming, though phases or days often can be!  The journey can be made easier with the help of someone (like me!)  who has helped dozens of parents, teachers, and children and  before you as a guide.  I can help you sift through the research, outline strategies, provide practical tactics, and help you keep focused on your child’s strengths and development, so you are better able to enjoy  the ride (be it bumpy or smooth).  And that ride is swifter than you can imagine!

If this sounds like you, then I’m glad to have you in my little tribe. I welcome your  questions and feedback, so be sure to comment on a post or contact me directly.

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