Yesterday’s post “Savor the Rituals” has provoked a spontaneous and quick contest on Wonder of Children.

With over 100-holiday picture books in our home library, my whole family – okay, well, I’m the most eager –  looks forward to a few new holiday titles every year.  When I was in the classroom, I could see and share with children many of their favorite books.  And since I’m feeling both sentimental and curious… I wonder what your family’s current favorite holiday book might be?


Christmas Trinkles Book by Kay Thompson Hilary Knight ...

If you’re willing to share what your favorite holiday book is, I’m giving away a brand new holiday title.  With just a week until Christmas Eve, you’ve got to act fast!  The contest closes on Monday, December 22nd, giving the elves just enough time to get the book shipped out to the winner!

Here are three easy steps to entering the contest:

  1. Decide your favorite, favorite, favoritest holiday title.  That’s likely to be the hardest part!
  2. Post the title and/or a photo in the comments.
  3. Subscribe to the Newsletter – just look to the top right of the page.

Read and post FAST.   And after a weekend of celebrating and decorating and Christmas-ing,  don’t forget to check your email on Monday to see if you’ve won!

Happy reading….happy holidays!





Lisa Dewey Wells

4 thoughts on “I Just LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Holiday Picture Books

  1. My favorite Christmas book is Star Mothers Youngest Child, by Louise Moeri. I just gave a copy to my yoga teacher. It is a story of an unlikely friendship and how it made two Christmas wishes come true. I love this story so much!

  2. Lisa, what a great column! Every year I treat myself to a holiday picture book, and combined with all the books I accumulated over the years at St. Anne’s, I have close to a hundred! This year for Advent, I wrapped twenty-four books for my Crofton grandsons to open one day at a time. The older two are required by their teachers to read every day and these books have been a big incentive to do so. Plus there were some “unusual” books so they are learning different traditions, meanings, etc. So far they have been a little disappointed that Rudolph has not appeared yet (and frankly I can’t remember if he will at all!) but they are enjoying the books nevertheless. Merry Christmas to all of you, and happy reading!❤️

    1. Mary – This is an amazing gift! I will definitely have to tuck the idea away to “steal” when I am a gramma! I am sure the boys have loved this special treat from the gramma they love so much! Merry Christmas! xxxx Lisa

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