I’ll be HONEST... I’ve got a bit of fear of the unknown brewing. In fact, on some days, it’s just bubbling over.  But on most days, it’s tucked away neatly, respecting the boundaries I set.  It’s part of the fuel for motivation and work, unless it’s leaning more towards a child testing the limits, at which time it lashes out and tries to engage me.  To help keep both of us in our place, I unleash my CURIOSITY.  In yoga, curiosity is the thing that brings growth, expansion and self-inquiry.  It serves me off the mat, too, and I’m asking you for a bit of help in this exercise in curiosity.

As you probably well know, there are hundreds or perhaps thousands of new and classic books on parenting and child development out there. One quick search on Amazon  and more titles than one can ever imagine reading bubble up.   Seemingly each week, there are compelling new titles by interesting authorities, offering their perspective.  Have you seen The Gift of Failure? How to Raise and Adult?  Or The Happy Kid Handbook?

I know it’s tough to read when the plates are spinning or precariously balancing on those skinny poles or even, crashing to the floor. It’s easy for me to flop into bed with Netflix or do one more load of laundry or noodle around Amazon.  Here again, I try to set some boundaries and hold myself accountable.   Thanks to some colleagues who love a good challenge, I jumped on the Good Reads Challenge. at the start of the year.  I’m about  80% toward my goal of a book a week for 2015, and it’s become such a habit that some nights, I strongly prefer a book over Friday Night Lights. Or Scandal.  (Cringe…did I just admit to that?!)    The point is, making time to read is hard when you’re a parent. Layer on work, running a household, taking care of yourself…. you know the drill.

There’s so much out there. I want to read it all, but my eyes start to ache every time I “add to my wish list.”  I know I can’t read them all, and I bet you can’t, either.  So, I’m CURIOUS.

Part of my current project is to figure out what parents, caregivers and teachers want to read.   So, I’m CURIOUS 

  • DO you have time to read?
  • What FORMAT of a book are you inclined to read?
  • IF, WHEN and WHAT  do you read on parenting and child development and learning?

Are you curious enough to read on right here for just a few minutes?  I’m digging into my curiosity on this topic for a finite period of time  –  just two weeks so need your help soon.  Are you in?  Soon, I hope!

It’s quick –  PROMISE.  Just three steps.

  1. Respond to 10 questions (three you probably don’t even need to think about to answer!) by clicking here to give me your thoughts.
  2. Second, take another thirty seconds to forward to a friend or share on social media.  I’m hoping for a broad range of respondents and for that, friends, I’ll need your help spreading the word.
  3. Once you complete the survey, sign up on the site (top right corner) to stay updated on the good things to come. Like the Facebook page.  Follow in Instagram (lisadeweywells) or Twitter (@lisadeweywells) for occasional updates there.

I hope you take – spread the word  – on the survey, website and social media.  I’m CURIOUS to hear what folks think!

Take care,


Lisa Dewey Wells

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