Last month I put out a survey to see what readers of this blog thought about parenting books and what type of book appealed to them. The results of over one hundred respondents were in some ways, surprising, but in other ways, pretty typical of the readers I’ve come to know in the blog-0-sphere.

Results that fell in line with what I expected:

  • Parents are busy
    Parents “try” to find time to read, but heck, it’s a chore. Life is busy.
    Nearly 50% of readers are age 31-40, with another 30% making up the 41-50 crowd
    The vast majority of these parents, 50% or more, have kids between the ages of 3 and 8

Somewhat surprising results:

  • If readers were to read a new book on parenting, it’s a pretty even 50/50 split on paperback versus digital. I’m a “hold it in my hands” gal, but definitely like the convenience of toting my reading material along, just in case I find myself with a few minutes to spare.
  • Parents are very interested in learning about typical child development. So much of what is out there on child development tends to be written in professional lingo – written for health care, mental heath care or educational folks. Curating and translating seems to be what parents need.
  • There are key traits parents what to instill in their children, most of which they welcome a narrative with proactive tips and strategies. These include empathy, resiliency, and creativity. Other traits reported ranged from spirituality to manners to compassion to work ethics.  Parenting is a complex job!

While this might not seem like earth-shattering breaking news, it’s all useful data for me. This journey to take years of blog posts and conversations with families and observations of children to translate them into a manuscript is no small task.


Some days, I like to think it’s a breeze, and then I realize, like parenting, it’s a journey full of unexpected blips and joys, and it is always, always a labor of love and commitment. Your input and honesty provides me with valuable insights to help guide me in this process. So again, THANK YOU  for taking the time to share your thoughts and to those of you who offered to be interviewed, I will be in touch to talk further.

Let me close with one more request. Many of you follow along on social media – that’s great! That’s how we roll in 2015, right?  Can I ask you also to sign up on Wonder of Children we well? (Check out the top right corner or just click on the link).  It is one more way to build a base and better know you – the reader. And I promise, your email is safe with me – it’s never something I’d share.

As we roll into December, I hope  you have plenty of opportunities to enjoy the gifts of the season – and the gifts you share with the children you love!
Take care,





Lisa Dewey Wells

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